Airbnb in Canada

According to a new study by McGill University, Airbnb hosts in Canada’s three largest cities earned a total of $430 million in 2016, a 55 percent increase from 2015. The top ten percent of hosts earned a majority of the overall income with the top one percent taking 12 percent of the total revenue. There are a total of 81,000 Airbnb units across Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and about 14,000 entire homes are rented for 60 days or more per year on Airbnb. In each of the three cities, approximately 60 percent of active Airbnb listings are entire homes, 30 percent are private rooms, and the rest are shared rooms. The entire homes category is growing 25 percent faster than the other categories. The data compiled for the study is not from Airbnb but rather from the consulting firm Airdna which analyzes the Airbnb website and compiles data for market intelligence reports.

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