Positive Net Store Openings So Far in 2017

Among chain retailers and restaurants with greater than 50 locations, net openings so far in 2017 total 4,080, according to an IHL Group report. Of this number, 1,326 are in core retail segments and 2,754 are restaurants. Grocery chains, discount and convenience stores account for much of the growth while fashion retailers, department stores and retailers in various stages of bankruptcy make up much of the closures. Retail sales are up $121.5 billion through the first seven months of 2017 from the same period in 2016. Online retail represents 8.3 percent of the total retail market but 29 percent of the retail growth, according to the report.

Major store closings in 2017 – Graph: IHL Group

Major store openings in 2017 – Graph: IHL Group

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